“It’s not just a product. It’s a promise. To your garden. To the planet. To a healthier future.”

— Charles J. Malki, Author, Biologist, Inventor and Avid Gardener

Think of him as the Elon Musk of organic gardening. And like the Tesla pioneer, Charles Malki is on a mission to improve the

human condition and save the planet. But unlike Musk, instead of having his head in the clouds, Charles has his hands in the dirt.

His company is called IV Organic, and although many people believe the “IV” stands for the number four or “intravenous.”

It doesn’t. The “I” and the “V” represent the first names of his young daughters, Isabelle and Victoria. Those initials are a constant

reminder to him that the choices we make today directly affect the health and wellbeing of generations to come. Those initials aren’t just part of his name, they’re his legacy.