CARLOS ANTILLON began his career as an interior designer working for several top retail and luxury hotel design firms in Southern California. His formal education is in architecture and interior design, but his true passion is seen in the garden. It is here where Carlos' full creative sense is realized. Combining an innate aesthetic talent with a deep love of the garden, Carlos plants a little bit of himself in every project he creates. His intuitive sense of structure, rhythm and color enables him to create everything from a formal English garden oasis to a modern drought tolerant hillside escape.

Carlos is the perfect blend of designer and project manager. As a licensed landscape and general contractor, Carlos is able to take your project from concept through completion. His practical knowledge and experience allows him to make sure that every project is not just designed beautifully, but able to thrive and evolve. Carlos' expertise enables him to address all irrigation, drainage, grading and soil needs to ensure your project's success. In addition to softscape, Carlos is able to guide you through any of your hardscape needs. From patio and walkway design and installation, to wall and fence construction and complete landscape lighting, Carlos can help bring your design to life.

Antillon Design has been responsible for dozens of residential landscape projects since being established in 2000.